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For hobby and concept apps



For production ready apps

$ 19 / month


Optimised for scalability and security

Coming soon


Real-time database
PostgreSQL with Hasura
1 GB
10 GB
250 GB+
File storage
Upload files and reference them in database
5 GB
25 GB
500 GB+
Network traffic
For API responses
10 GB
50 GB
1,000 GB+

Developing on Nhost

Image transformations
Roles and permissions
Serverless functions
Backend events and actions


Do I pick one plan per app?
Yes. When creating an app, you will be asked about which plan you want for your backend.
Can I switch between plans later?
Yes, you can upgrade plans at any time. To downgrade, please contact us at support@nhost.io.
Can I export my data?
Yes. You have full access to your database and the storage. If you decide to leave and want to export all your data, we will help you. Nhost has no vendor lock-in.
What happens if I exceed the limits?
We never shut down service without warning. Your app will continue to work, and we will contact you and resolve the situation.
How does payment get made for the Nhost paid plans?
For Starter plan, payment is made by Stripe on a monthly basis. For Enterprise plan, payment is made by Stripe on a monthly basis, however, this can also be discussed to accommodate procurement processes.